Thursday, September 14, 2017

Caffe Tonino, Connaught Place: A Review

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I visited this cute café after a shopping spree with my cousin. It's conveniently located right opposite the Connaught High Street building in Connaught Place, which currently houses a massive H&M store. Thus, the café is ideal for a post-shopping bite.

It’s very welcoming with its picturesque décor and well-lit atmosphere. The staff is friendly, courteous and concerned about your experience without being too pushy. The dishes are reasonably priced which is very welcome in the age of GST!

Run by the team behind the iconic Tonino’s restaurant in Mehrauli, the café describes itself as a “Tuscan villa style cafe with tiled floors and brick walls offering authentic Italian dishes.” These high claims elicit high expectations. My cousin ordered the Golden Chicken Burger, which was delicious. They happily customized it for us by removing all vegetables as per preference. Served with Cajun fries, it made for a filling and tasty lunch.

I ordered the Peri Peri chicken, which the wait staff warned was extremely spicy. I asked for them to tone down the spices to a medium level. My dish arrived with three medium sized pieces of chicken, Cajun fries and a side salad. Unfortunately the chicken was extremely spicy, despite my request. Moreover, it was tough, undercooked and had a strange taste. I had to leave the dish after ploughing my way through one piece. The fries were delicious and the salad was satisfactory, so I wasn’t left hungry.

Despite my dissatisfaction, I was willing to pay the full bill, but the staff made sure the price of the chicken was removed. This kind of service deserves a special mention. I was ready to leave the restaurant with a flavor of disappointment in my mouth; instead I left with a smile!

Price of two dishes and 2 cokes: Rs. 1200/-

Price of one dish and 2 cokes: Rs. 770/-

Restaurant rating: 3.5/5

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